God’s word has brought freedom and truth to my life and I love to share all of the amazing things that I have experienced through my journey with Christ.  Here are just a few messages that have special significance to me but I am open to specific topic suggestions as well.  Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling an event.

Live Your Legacy

A challenging message on living your legacy each day.


The power of a woman chosen for such a time as this!

Stones of Remembrance

When we walk through difficult times, what is it that we hold on to?  Just as the Israelites laid “Stones of Remembrance” so we too have “Stones” from the past that will give us hope as we walk through the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Praying the Armor of God Over Your Family

Be inspired to use the key that brings true change to our families – the life changing prayer of the Armor of God.

The Power of Forgiveness

Inspirational message to…

1.  Be forgiven by God

2.  Forgive others

3.  Forgive yourself

4.  Walk in the freedom of forgiveness

Ordinary People…Extraordinary Lives

What happens when ordinary people decide to walk closely with their God?  Extraordinary things!  A challenge to live an extraordinary life.

The Power of the Spoken Word

From the beginning of time when the world was spoken into existence to the utterance of “It is finished” by Christ on the cross, the power of the spoken word has immeasurable power.  This is a message that reminds us of the influence of our own words.